Mother Agnes Mariam: Much Maligned Syrian Peace Worker

Australian radio Interview Well worth listening to to find out why these foreign mercenaries are coming to Syria and the Qatari and Saudi elements who are paying them. You can also listen to it here.

Controversial Irish Times journalist Mary Fitzgerald targets Mother Agnes Mariam. Fitzgerald was “embedded” with the Salafist head hackers and she thinks they are beautiful.

Peace activist Mother Agnes Mariam explains how Christians are being liquidated in the Levant. In Australia, she gets heard. In Irleand, she gets abuse from the pro jihad press.

Mother Agnes Mariam and international peace making delegation meet religious leaders in Syria.

The Independent’s slightly garbled account of the fate of  Syria’s Christians and the anonymous Christians who support the head hackers. (Yes right).

Mother Agnes Mariam on Irish TV.

Mother Agnes Mariam in the Irish Times Controversial journalist Mary Fitzgerald must have had the day off.

Mother Agnes Mariam: Appeal leaflet

Mother Agnes Mariam on Irish radio

The Salafists don’t like her. Not only do they threaten to kill her but they and their shills libel her. She must be doing something right.

Mother Agnes Mariam is an articulate 60-year Greek Catholic nun the enemies of Syria wish to denigrate as her Christian witness is an obstacle to their anti-Christian crusade. Controversial Irish Times journalist Mary Fitzgerald who embedded herself with the rebel head hackers and cannibals is but a small part of this campaign. One of the head hackers’ fan club’s fall back positions may be read about in the following links here  here and here :Essentially, Mother Agnes Mariam used her good offices to get visas for a bunch of gung ho journalists looking for blood and guts stories. Having got them their visas and sent them, at their request, to the front line, the nun went about her business. She is a nun, not a soldier or gore seeking journalist; nuns do not generally occupy front line combat positions, the protestations of self important, self serving and self promoting journalists notwithstanding. Long story short: one of the journalists seeking combat action got killed.  That is what happens in war if you go to the front: you stand a good chance of getting killed.

The journalists wanted someone to blame for the death of a hack and so they maligned Mother Agnes Marian. Controversial Irish Times journalist continues to do that – in between praising the head hackers and cannibals who abuse their ill gotten Irish passports to rape, rob and pillage in the name of  jihad.

Irish Head Hackers Fan Club

Irish Head Hackers Fan Club: Irish Times journalist runs a tweet praising Irish based jihadist head hackers and smearing peace workers by linking them to British fascists. Fitzgerald was groomed and trained in the CIA strongholds of Florida and Jordan where standards have obviously fallen.

Syrian Salafist Scum Kill Muslim Internet activist as she prays

Syrian Salafist Scum Kill Muslim Internet activist as she prays

Just why does the USA and Britain support these Qatari funded savages?

This is how the costly search of Roula, one of the admins of Yabroud News FB page ended. The terrorists have promised a million Syrian Pound for any info on the admins, apparently someone was greedy enough to sell Roula and her friends. Like many Syrian FB pages, all the admins did was share news on the terrorists’ activities, the atrocities they committed, how they robbed Syrians and made life impossible. To FSA, that was enough excuse for execution…

And just before coming after Roula, the same “rebels”, the ones that the MSM is romanticizing broke into another home. They carried a man from Khalil family to the street and shot his hands and feet. Then they beaten up his wife and daughter, right in front of the neighbors. The terrorists wanted Syrians to witness the crime; they wanna scare us into submission.


The Americans regard people like her as so much expendable excess baggage because her life has no place in their plans of conquest.  Had she been an Iranian dissident or a cheer leader for the head hackers, then we would have a more raucous narrative.

Russia’s Patriarch Organises Collection for Syria’s Christians

Russia’s Patriarch Organises Colection for Syria’s Christians Moscow (Agenzia Fides) – An amazing collection of money in all the churches of the Patriarchate of Moscow, to be allocated to the Syrian people torn by civil war. The initiative was launched yesterday, Tuesday, June 25, by the Patriarch Kirill with a statement released by the Synodal Department for information of the Patriarchate in Moscow. “In that biblical land, where Christians and Muslims have lived side by side,” stressed the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, “the relics are now desecrated, churches violated, Christians are forced to abandon their homes, they are often persecuted and tortured and killed”. In his speech, Kirill drew a parallel between the current tragedy of the Syrian people and the trials the Russians and the Patriarchate in Moscow went through last century: “Our people,” recalled the Patriarch “have experienced something similar. Thousands of our fellow citizens were killed during the Revolution, the Civil War and the persecutions against the Church. We cannot remain indifferent to the innocent blood that now flows again. We cannot put an end to this war, but we can pray that it stops as soon as possible and we can help those who are in difficulty, including our Christian brothers and sisters.”
The funds raised in the Russian churches next Sunday will be sent by the charitable organizations of the Russian Orthodox Church directly to the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch, that is based in Damascus. “Now the human blood that is flowing in the streets of that city,” said Patriarch Kirill “reminds us of the Apostle Paul and the works and sufferings of the Saints of ancient times.” (GV) (Agenzia Fides 26/6/2013).

Syrian Salafists Slaughter Catholic Priest and Desecrate Church

On Sunday, June 23, Syrian Catholic priest François Murad was murdered in the locality of Gassanieh, northern Syria, according to a statement from the Custody of the Holy Land sent to the Fides Agency.

In April, the remaining Christians in Deir el-Zour fled, the church having being blown up by militants. Last week, militants massacred dozens of villagers in the province’s town of Hatla. Since then, summary executions and sectarian house-to-house raids have taken place.

Sydney Australia supports Syria


Qatar: Salafists’ Paymaster

Qatar: Salafists’ Paymaster However history seems to repeat itself as the U.S. – backed Arab monarchies, spearheaded by Qatar, are resorting to their old tactic of exploiting the Islamist ideology to undermine and preempt an Arab anti – authoritarian revolution for the rule of law, civil society, democratic institutions and social and economic justice in Arab countries on the periphery of their U.S. protected bastion in the Arabian peninsula, but they seem unaware they are opening a Pandora’s box that would unleash a backlash in comparison to which al – Qaeda’s fall back on the U.S. will prove a minor precedent.