Syria’s Slaughter Machine Grinds on

Death of a Patriarch

VATICAN CITY – The war in Syria is like a factory churning out nothing but death, destruction and suffering, said Archbishop Mario Zenari, Vatican nuncio to Syria.

The archbishop said the latest U.N. figures estimate the two-year civil war creates some 5,000 victims a month, and about 6,000 people flee the country every day.

Those unable to leave face skyrocketing prices, unemployment and continued suffering, he said.

The conflict, “besides bringing death and destruction, has truly become a manufacturing plant of countless miseries,” he said. He urged the world’s nations to help end “this infernal cycle” of violence, kidnappings and casualties.

Sage words from the Vatican.


West war crimes in Syria exposed

West war crimes in Syria exposed  Finian Cunningham gives a good analysis of how the West is ignoring the war crimes of the Syrian opposition. Well worth a read.

Finian had another great article recently. Cunningham slammed the “eerie silence” by Western media vis-à-vis the Syrian army’s success in recapturing more villages, districts and cities, asking, “Where are the reports of Syrian army reprisals against civilians? Where are the claims of Syrian civilians crying out for the “heroic” militants to return and save them?”



Rebels Kidnap Fr Paolo

Rebels Kidnap Fr Paolo: The rebels have kidnapped their chaplain. Never trust a cannibal, Fr Paolo.

Or indeed the media who are still spinning this story. The Pope did not know of this guy before he hit the headlines for being kidnapped by the cannibals or for being in coyhoots with them in a cheap publicity stunt.  Either way, he is no hero, a well-meaning foo maybe but a hero beloved by the Pope, no. Giving the impression that the Pope supports the rebels cannibals is not good for the Christians of Syria.

Matthew van Dyke: Killer for Kicks?


Matthew van Dyke: Recreational Jihad

 Matthew van Dyke has a website praising his own prowess at killing innocent Libyans and Syrians. He makes movies about it, with himself in the star role. This pathological narcissistic killer admits he is a sick man in his own words: Matthew VanDyke suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which makes his adventures especially difficult at times.  His OCD manifests itself primarily as heightened fears related to driving, avoiding trash, and obsessions about cleanliness. More than a dozen companies have sponsored VanDyke’s motorcycle adventure filmmaking by providing products and services.

Let us, for a moment, forget that he should spell his Dutch name with a small v as that is how the Dutch do it. More importantly, he admits he is mentally ill and, worse still, Western companies sponsor his recreational killing.

The Libyan authotiies captured this murderer in Libya. In his own words: The Gaddafi regime denied for months that they had VanDyke in custody, but Sharon VanDyke never gave up hope that her missing son was alive. She began a media campaign for his release. She wrote a biographical document about Matthew VanDyke that she gave to organizations that approached her willing to advocate for his release.

So, he is caught in the act of killing Libyans in Libya and his American passport becomes a get out of jail card. This self-confessed mental case then, instead of repenting, his blood lust unsatiated, he took his self-serving jihad to Syria. And he is killing people for his own kicks. Check out his picture. He tells us he fights for freedom, something he cannot define or even adhere to because he just stumbled into it. Recreational killing, self justified by some nebulous concept of Al Qaeda delivered freedom became his fig leaf. His fellow American Charles Manson could do better than that, as could his British moral equivalent, Ian Brady, the notorious Moors murderer.

His website also describes himself as an analyst, something that is at odds with his own description as a killer for kicks. Dr Halla Diyab regards his as a thug who has no business killing Syrians.

Let’s look at his CV which he summarises on the website: An exceptional academic record, graduating summa cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science from UMBC and a Master’s degree from the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University.  He was among the youngest students ever accepted into the Security Studies Program.

– A wide-range of contacts and connections – US military and government personnel, foreign military and government officials, political leaders, American and international media, former terrorists and Taliban, business leaders… everyone from poor farmers to members of an Arab royal family.  He receives information and insights from his extensive, diverse contacts.

So, trained by the CIA and lots of links with the CIA and Al Qaeda with whom he exchanges information “of use to terrorists”.

Ireland in Al Qaeda’s Cross Hairs

Ireland in Al Qaeda’s Cross Hairs according the the Irish Examiner, which quotes a senior Irish Garda source outlining the danger the return of Ireland’s jihadists from Syria and Libya pose. Previous posts include the following here, here, here, herehere and here.

The Irish and the British do not want htese mercenaries and brain washed idiots running around murdering people and  collecting money for others to cause mayhem. But nerither do the people of Syria and Iraq, who have had these psychopaths imposed on them by the sociopathic leaders of the West, as well as Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


Irish based Jordanian mercenary killed in Syria

This report has Al Qaeda praising his military ferocity.  The Irish media believe it is ok to go to Syria and kill and gang rape the locals – if you are handsome. The Sun calls this killer a martyr. He was not a martyr. He was a mercenary thug who found out that crime does not always pay.The Irish Sun newspaper praise this sectarian butcher here.  This is what it says:

Handsome Alaa was one of up to 26 Irish Muslims who are believed to have joined the fight against Bashar al-Assad’s brutal regime since the bloody Syrian uprising broke out in 2011.

Cannibal Chaplain Contradicts himself

Cannibal Chaplain Contradicts himself: Controversial Father Paolo Dall’Oglio cannot say two sentences in CNN interview. Following up our earlier post, we decided to waste some more time looking at what this disturbed and discredited Jesuit priest has to say. Even as Christian protests and bishops are beheaded, even as Syrian Christian girls are systematically gang raped by the rebels he supports, Fr Paolo only sees what he wants to see. His rebel heroes, when not cutting off the heads of priests and raping children, are killing each other, as they jockey for position, power and booty. Even as the rebels use  chemical weapons, Fr Paolo continues to tell his lies, which well meaning and honest fellow Jesuits should remind him is a sin in the Catholic Church. 

Then he attacks the Russian Orthodox Church. In this respect, the recent words of the chairman of External Church Relations in the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Hilarion (Aleyev) of Volokolamsk, that “It is inexplicable why the West is so indifferent to the fate of Christians in the Middle East” are particularly relevant.

The Russian Orthodox Church stand with the Christians, Shia, Alawi and Sunni of the Levant. Fr Polo only stands for violence against the Syrian people.

Catholic priest Father François Murad beheaded by Fr Paolo’s rebel mates

Bishop Boulos Yazigi of the Greek Orthodox Church (l.) and John Ibrahim of the Assyrian Orthodox Church (r.) They preached peace and reconciliation before Fr Paolo’s heroes kidnapped and most likely tortured and killed them.

Fr Paolo speaks about the Russian Orthodox Church not standing for human values. The Russian Orthodox Church does not support eating prisoners. They do not support kidnapping bishops. They do not support gang raping children. Fr Paolo’s rebels do.

Fr Paolo, SJ: The Cannibals’ Chaplain

Controversial and confused priest Fr Paolo Dall’Oglio : Chaplain to the Rebel Cannibals

Father Paolo Dall’Oglio is not only a turbulent priest but a very dangerous one who seems intent on causing as much collateral damage as possible to the hard-pressed and very exposed Christians in Syria and Iraq; we can leave the Alawites out of it because if Fr Paolo’s Syrian rebels prevail, the rebels have already promised to kill all of them, man, woman and child. This is not an idle threat and countless Alawites have already been butchered in ways too disgusting to describe.

Fr Paolo would argue that they have died in a good cause, the cause of democracy through Salafist dictatorship the rebel cannibals and head hackers pursue. Check out his latest interview, available here in both German and French. In case you are not au fait with the languages of Goethe and Voltaire, here is an excellent working translation.

Presenter: You lived for 30 years in Syria. You founded a monastery, which promoted inter-religious dialogue. You have supported the rebellion. You returned secretly to Syria recently. Are you more optimistic today about the engagement of the international community after the decision taken yesterday on the lifting of the arms embargo?

Priest. it’s a positive step. A first positive step. It is not enough. The people are attacked by chemical weapons, by heavy arms. They are lacking in everything, such as medicine. There are no humanitarian corridors. They haven’t even been able to send gas masks into Syria.

Presenter: Do the precautions of the international community against arming radical Islamists disappoint you today?

Priest: It’s not just since today that we are disappointed. It is two years now of painful disappointment. The international community is led by very clever manipulators of opinion. They have been led by a series of interests in continuity with 40 years of a regime which has strong friendships abroad and throughout Europe. So, they have decided on the old ways of collaboration with the regime. Groups of Syrians, who are a minority but important, have advised the ambassador on the necessity to keep Assad against the terrorist conspiracy, thereby negating the democratic nature of the revolution. They are wrong.

Presenter: Do you not think that the European argument which says “we don’t want to give arms to Islamists” is fallacious?

Priest: It’s mendacious. It’s not only fallacious. At best, it is extremely naïve. Every day the delay of help from the democratic citizen of Europe to the democratic citizen of Syria turns those citizens into terrorists, into radical Islamists. The moderate Muslims, the democratic Muslims have been pushed to despair.

Presenter: In the idea, perhaps, of a happy ending, let’s say, to what is happening in Syria, you, who are a priest, you know of course that the Christians have been brought to the side of Assad who has offered them so-called protection. What will happen to the Christian community in Syria?

Priest: There are no conditions for the future. The fact that the Christians have opened their hearts and souls to the regime have put them into a similar position to the Christians of Iraq. The insecurity which has taken over the country forces families to leave their children, it’s normal. And this anxiety to see the Muslims kill each other, it means that we think it is not our place anymore, so we leave. There are Christians who are in the revolution. They will win with the Syrian democrats. And democratic Syria will be for them as it will be for all liberated Syrian citizens.


 Some points:
He had to return to Syria secretly because the Syrian Catholic Church and all of Syria’s Jesuits asked him to leave. Fr Paolo should soon be expecting a direct order for the head of the Jesuits to stop meddling in Syria. The photos, incidentally of of Iraqi Chaldean Christians, two million of who have been cleansed from Iraq which, with Syria is where Christianity began. The gospels tell us that Christ’s followers were first called Christians in Antioch. They are paying a heavy price for it. Carrying the Cross through hell.

The claim that the Syrian Arab Army used chemical weapons has been shown to be cheap propaganda peddled by propagandists like him with a death lust agenda. It has been conclusively shown, in fact, the rebels who have used the chemical weapons. Not that Fr Paolo or his publishers worry about that if it does not fit in to the “red line” agenda.

Or about his fellow priests. The rebels have Catholic monasteries surrounded and they, rather than the government, are starving the Catholics into surrender which, on past form, will be followed by mass rape and mass murder. Father Daniel Mees is a Belgian Franciscan based in Qara dire at Mousa near Damascus. Father France van der lucht is Dutch. He and 80 parishioners have been under siege for the last 2 years. As the rebels have them blockaded, they are skeletal. Death by starvation as a change to death by other means. As TS Eliot tell us in Murder in the Cathedral  Death has a hundred hands and walks by a thousand ways.

Fr Paolo speaks about friends in high places and media spin. The rebels have oceans of Qatari/ Saudi money and media.  They also enjoy the logistical, diplomatic and military support of Turkey, the USA, France and Britain as well as the international Al Qaeda franchise. Not bad for starters. These merchants of death and spinners of deception are open and declared enemies of the Syrian government and people; they are not, as the good father alleges, their  allies. If they are, with friends like the, Syria needs no enemies as the tens of thousands killed by Fr Paolo’s head hacking heroes shows.

Fr Paolo alleges that Al Qaeda is strong because the West is not giving them and their allies more arms.  Has he not seen what has happened in Iraq where he moved to continue his mischief making? As George Bush said, fool me once… As the Americans might say, is he for real?  Not any more, perhaps, because his harbingers of freedom, true to form, have most likely decapitated him if past and current form is anything to go by.

Fr Paolo argues that the moderate Muslim rebels have been pushed to despair because the West is not giving them more arms. Is he seriously arguing the rebels hack heads off and eat the organs of their prisoners because we are not sending them even more lethal weapons?

Fr Paolo is a very confused man. He cannot see that Iraq’s Christians have fled in huge numbers because the rebels he supports kill, rape and kidnap them on an industrial level. He cannot see Syria’s Christians have always felt safe under Assad and they have seen the unspeakable horrors the rebels visit on them. In all of that, the Christians of Iraq and Syria are no different from anyone of goodwill. The butchers’ knives do not discriminate even if they leave useful idiots like Fr Paolo cackle on for their own blood thirsty reasons unti lthe time comes to send them to the the abattoir.

Fr Paolo: He is an Italian born Jesuit who was destined for big things in the Catholic Church. This is evident by the time and training he got at the Gregorian Institute.  Anyone pencilled in for a big job in the Corporation usually goes there to be assessed.  Fr Paolo’s PhD which the Pontifical Gregorian University awarded him In 1989 was entitled “About Hope in Islam”.

There are at least two interesting points about that. Though some bright sparks might emanate from the Pontifical Gregorian University, it is, in essence, a Vatican operation to select and scan future leaders, big and small. Fr Paolo was considered an asset.

His PhD deserves some academic comment. Hope is an abstract concept and Islam is concrete. Together,  they cannot make for a worthwhile PhD because they  are diverse and far too catholic concepts. PhDs go deep and not wide but Fr Paolo goes very wide and not deep at all. Where do either (or both) Islam and hope begin and end? Because they neither begin nor end, they are simply too wide to be shoehorned into PhDs. Elements of hope or elements of Islam would be good PhD topics but broad-brush approaches – and Fr Paolo is the master of the broad-brush – do not make the grade.

Fr Paolo should not feel bad about that. The Economist magazine is the same. It too utters meaningless liberal shibboleths , even as it too calls for even more death and destruction to be rained down on Syria.  Like Fr Paolo, they live in their own warped universe where hope, like a defiant flower, will spring eternal after the people of Syria have gone through the cruellest winter of death and justification from some unusual quarters for that death.

Finally, to round post this off, let us remember the Christians of Iraq whose documented fate Fr Paolo  ignores. Remember them and weep.


Syria: Grave where is thy victory, Death where is they Sting?

487935_10151586908134059_559588066_n 21437_10151807356234059_1643299640_n

Syria: Grave where is thy victory, Death where is they Sting?

Little Syrian children make a barricade to stop the advance of the head hacking child raping rebels. Meanwhile, the Qatari funded rebels prepare to execute in cold blood and on the cameras for thee amusement of their European followers a group of captured Syrian prisoners, one of who gives a courageous V for Victory sign in the face of death.


Al Nusra use Ice Cream in PR War



Al Nusra colonisers in Syria gave ice cream out to young boys as part of their hearts and minds operation. Note there are only two cute little boys and lots of sex starved sex warriors looking on. The kid in blue seems to be a girl so maybe they are all going to rape her as part of the festivities.

The festivities included little girls reciting the Koran with, it is alleged, on past form, first prize being raped 10 times and the second prize being raped 100 times. This photo is the equivalent of an SS guard giving a prisoner the butt of a cigarette. Just why do the West support these savages?