Syria, Lord Haw Haws & Tokyo Roses

When Brendan Behan was asked what he thought about Joyce, Behan replied that they should not have hanged him. Though Behan, being a smart ass, was deliberately conflating notorious Nazi collaborator William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw, with James Joyce the author, he had a point, and it is a point that extends not only to Tokyo Rose but also to the Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses of our own day.


Take, for example, Mary Fitzgerald of the Irish Times. She has gone out of her way to blame Syrian terrorist acts, including the kidnapping of real journalists, on the Syrian Army. This is a woman who has promoted the Libyan terrorists and who stands over the atrocities they have committed in both Libya and Syria. She has promoted their cause in Ireland, which many of the most notorious Libyan death squad members have used as a base and R&R centre and, like Greyfriars Bob or some other faithful lapdog, has followed them back to Libya.   Though the snippets above and below come from pp 305 et seq in this piece there is much more that must be said about Fitzgerald, her time at a private Catholic Miami university with long links to the US security forces, her time “studying” in Amman which is major CIA hub and her bit of rough sabbatical with the terror gangs of Libya.





The same goes for Paul Conroy who, though being an ex-member of the British armed forces, is not only an unapologetic supporter of the Libyan and Syrian teror gangs but has actively collaborated with them on numerous occasions, even going so far as to write a book in homage to them. Though I critically reviewed Conroy’s awful book praising the Libyan and Syrian murderers here suffice to say, though Conroy admits to needing long term psychiatric help to handle his self-inflicted demons, his fragile mental state can be no defence for the crimes he has helped foist on the Libyan and Syrian people or, through his work, on the British people.

The same goes for the odious Fitzgerald who, perhaps due to her  seemingly close links with American intelligence forces and her love of a bit of rough, in the form of Libyan cut throats, seems to have a visceral hatred of anyone working for peace. De Long, on the other hand, is not to be taken seriously, even though Stop the War paid heed to him and his fellow trolls when he forced them to stop genuine Syrian peace activists addressing their rally .

Michael Weiss of the far right Henry Jackson Society is also discussed in this piece . Although I have read his stupid screed on ISIS ( his idiotic thesis is that Assad runs them to kill his own soldiers), it is that bad that I haven’t thought it worthwhile writing up a review on it. These people and their embedded minds are part of the rebel war effort, even if their traceable pay cheques come from the West.

Although Hitler’s SS and Tojo’s kamikaze pilots packed a bigger punch that their Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses, their willing mouthpieces had a case to answer too and, whether we agree with Behan on Lord Haw Haw, we must all agree that Weiss, Fitzgerald, Conroy and today’s other Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses must also pay a price. Their Syrian and Libyan victims deserve nothing less.


War Criminals Were Hanged at Nuremberg But are Praised in the West


Dale Carnegie’s famous book begins in prison where some of America’s most notorious criminals tell him what nice guys they are and how, like the Mafiosi in The Godfather movies, they did all their loathesome crimes out of selfless love for their loathesome families. The Nazis and their apologists, building on those shaky foundations, would argue that they were the victims, the victims of victors’ justice.

Their empty protestations notwithstanding, the Nazis remain today as benchmarks in evil and in what we expect war criminals to be. That being so, pp 140 et seq and pp 200 et seq of this document allude to two of Hitler’s henchmen who were hanged at Nuremberg. Streicher was hanged as he was a German Lord Haw Haw and Karl Brandt, Hitler’s personal physician, also got a suspended sentence because of his involvement in medical experiments which, though unspeakable, are on a par with what the medical organ harvesters of the Syrian rebels have done in our own time. Given the treatment some of the Nazis got at Nuremberg, the question we must ask ourselves is this: what sentence do the Lord Haw Haws and Karl Brandts of the Syrian rebel criminal gangs deserve? Is it one law for yesterday’s Nazis and another for today’s?


That would seem to be the case. take a look at the rap sheet of the Syrian rebels: organ harvesting, gang rape of even their youngest captives, slavery, massive theft, wholesale slaughter, genocide, barbaric medical experiments, dragooning child soldiers into fighting and so on: an almost never-ending list of crimes and barbarities too brutal and pornographic for even a B grade horror movie. Yet these savages not only go unpunished but their leaders, many of whom have been directly implicated in some of the most notorious of these crimes, are wined and dined by their sponsors in the Western corridors of power. The Nazis, on whom they model themselves, must be rolling in their graves, sad that they were born and lived before their hour had truly come.



Page 271 of the same document shows Syrian rebel medics slitting the throat of a Christian and engaging in organ harvesting. Though to most of us, these characters belong in jail, groups like Hand in Hand for Syria and the White Helmets, aided and abetted by the media, have made heroes out of these medical war criminals. As ppp 273 et seq of the same document discuss, the same has happened with the godfathers of the Free Syrian Army who can be directly linked to a variety of infamous war crimes such as the rape of Kessab and the abduction, enslavement and dismemberment of Alawite women and children in Latakia




As p 281 of the same document suggests, NHS medics complicit in these war crimes by the Syrian criminal rebels should be held to account for their crimes. Others, not the least of whom are the lesser Nazis, have got life tariffs without parole for far less. Unless we hold the leaders and Western sponsors of the Syrian rebel criminal gangs to account,  we should really keep our collective mouths shut on other atrocities.

And, of course, it is not just Syria.  The crimes of the Saudi regime in Bahrain, in Yemen and in Saudi Arabia itself go unpunished and barely remarked upon in the mainstream media which did so much to cheer on the slaughter of the Libyans, the Iraqis and the Syrians. Julius Streicher would argue he was hanged for less.

Medical Black Ops Against Syria


Page 186 of this document shows some of the black ops the Syrian terrorists engage in. Reyhanli is in Turkey. It is where the Turkish secret service has headquartered both the Free Syrian Army and the Hand in Hand for Syria crews. The hired Reyhanli guns in the photo above are obviously wearing the masks for propaganda effect, which, of ocurse, feeds into the war machine by encouraging the death squads to kill more Syrians so as to better weaken Syria. In that, they are not alone. Dr Rola Hallam also controversially wore masks during BBC Panorama’s Saving Syria’s Children scam and the White Helmets, who we shall return to in later posts, also wear gas masks for effect as they loot the bodies of those their Al Nusra buddies have just executed.


White ops work equally well. Page 216  of this document refers to the hard line Christine Gilmore who came down from Leeds with a mob to break up a pro-peace meeting in London. Gilmore, who writes works she terms academic in praise of notorious genocidal apologist Qaradawi, circulated this photo of kids, suspposedly in Yarmouk camp praising her abilities to get aid into them. The document suggests this picture and much else she does on behalf of herself and her aged Syrian fiance is fake.


Gilmore, who organised a series of police raids on houses of peace activists, was a regular feature on British TV, asking for her trophy fiance to be allowed entry into Britain even as she called in almost the same breath for the people of Damascus to be bombed.  She and the Leeds unit she controls are covered in more detail in pp 301 et seq of the same document.


As pp 302 et seq of the same document explains, Australian immigrant and serial sectarian Peter Tatchell has also played his part in stifling debate. Oddly enough for an Australian draft dodger, Tatchell wants more people to fight to kill more Syrians which probably still has far too many Christians for his liking. Although, like so many other seemingly well-meaning supporters of the murder gangs,  Tatchell is obviously a highly disturbed individual in need of help, his reckless actions and his support for Muslim Brotherhood attacks on Syrian peace activists can only be explained, but certainly not excused, within the parameters of black ops.

Although this same document  expends a lot of time discussing the medics who put the pretty sheen on ISIS and Syria’s other terror gangs, their black ops do not occur in a vacuum. They are an integral part of the bigger soft war Nato and the Gulf States are waging against civilisation and against the Syrian people alongside their hot war.  Because the soft war is as damaging in its own right as is the hot war, it too must be opposed and its thuggish foot soldiers named and shamed.

Medical Monsters


PP 140 et seq of this document discusses Nazi war criminals such as Karl Brandt, Adolf Hitler’s personal physician, who was sentenced to death at the Nazi Doctors’ Trial in August 1947. Brandt was indicted with 22 other Nazi doctors and SS officers. Within each SS-Sturmbann (battalion), there existed one company of the SS Medical Corps whose duty was to serve as medical support personnel to the rest of the SS battalion. The Nuremberg Trials declared the Leadership Corps of the SS, including the SS Medical Corps but excluding the SS Cavalry Corps, to be a criminal organisation. Dr Gabbar and Hand in Hand for Syria should opine on whether the medical corps of ISIS are also a criminal organisation and if those who collaborate with ISIS are, like their Nazi equivalents, criminal collaborators. One might see the parallels with Syria which is under attack by today’s equivalents of the Nazis.


The Nazi doctors were not history’s only medical monsters. Page 137 of this document details some British based medics who did violent jihad in Syria. Page 136 depicts more medical monsters who joined ISIS.



The above page 137 screengrab  tells its own story: a rich Saudi doctor getting his jollies by raping and murdering Syrians and Iraqi doctors being slaughtered for not being the slaves of ISIS. Page 291 of the same document tells a not dissimilar story: NHS doctor Dr Mohammad Naijar breaking up a peaceful meeting and terrorising Syrian children in the process. It should be noted that the rebels turn children as young as these into sex slaves.



The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood have produced a relatively large of medical monsters, all of whom would have been at home with the Nazis and their hideous crimes. The fact that the British NHS tolerates these ogres shows our complicity in their sordid affairs.

Syrian Terror Gangs & Stop the war


Page 112 of this document has Irish whack job Iman Murphy/Mujahed supporting jihad in Syria based on her “evidence”. Although this disturbed woman, who is a sometime trustee of the controversial Hand in Hand for Syria group, is discussed in pp 112 et seq, John Rees, one of the leaders of the Stop the War mob, is also worth a few column inches. How, for example, can a proponent of stopping war host shows on Islam TV  unless he is a kind of Islamic Lord Haw Haw, giving Turkish Roses like Murphy/Mujahed free rein to vent sugar-coated, sectarian bile?

When this matter was brought to Rees’ attention at the Stop the War meeting on 6 June, hje laughed off the questioners, accused them of being Assadists and set his heavies on them. If Stop the War is to have any credibility, Muslim Brotherhood fifth columnists must be shown the door. John Rees can either work with and for Islam TV or he can be a capo in Stop the War. He cannot be both. He must choose and, if he does not choose, Stop the War should give him the Order of the Boot. Similarly, the views of Muslim Brotherhood extremist Anas Altikriti on Islamophobia or anything else do not belong at a pro-peace meeting unless and until Altikriti comes clean with his connections to that group.


Anas al Tikriti, widely regarded as being the Muslim Brotherhood’s point man for progressive groups, is given a platform by Stop the War even as they bar genuine peace activists from speaking.


John Rees, one of the top capos in Stop the War. On June 6th 2015, Rees spoke about the Libyan and Syrian “revolutions” (sic) When it was pointed out to him there were no revolutions in either Libya or Syria and that he used the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Islam TV to give platforms to Murphy/Mujahed and other apologists for the Syrian death squads, Rees smirked, called his (British and Irish) critics Assad die hards and set his heavies on them. Until Stop the War give Ress the Order of the Boot, they can have no credibility.

We Must Help ISIS


NHS consultant and Hand in Hand for Syria head honcho Dr Omar Gabbar explains in this document why we must supply medical and other aid to ISIS, even though they behead British citizens and rape little girls. The entire document shows how embedded are the services of Hand in Hand for Syria with the medical and other outreach and support networks of the most extreme of the rebel Syrian terror gangs. The British media, the police and the Charity Commission do not seem concerned about what is, at the very least, blatant fraternisation with the enemy which, we are told, is universally despised.dcotors_death

As pp 83 et seq of this document shows Dr Omar Gabbar is not the NHS’s only errant doctor: many others dress up in the uniforms of the Syrian rebel gangs: ISIS, Al Nusra and the Muslim Brotherhood led Free Syrian Army death squads. Check out the al Nusra flag flying over Mancs medic Dr Madrous al Soud and his mates. The pages which follow are full of other British doctors and “aid workers” fraternising with the killers of the Syrian rebel gangs. The following ten pages, for example, have lots of photos of British medics and Hand in Hand for Syria “aid workers” flying terrorist flags. Page 93 contains this specimen:


This links the ultra respectable Dr Omar Gabbar to infamous child sex jihadist proponent Al Arefe who spoke at the same Leicester University rally. Other doctors, some of them very dangerous, are discussed in the pages that follow. The fact that these characters are allowed roam British streets and hospital wards even as they support head-chopping fanatics in Syria should be a source of concern to us all.


Although pp 133 et seq of the same document shows Hand in Hand for Syria and other medics patching up the mass murderers of ISIS, Nusra and kindred murder gangs, the link between the medics and the murderers is one that runs through the entire document. Not only do these strong links show the low value these medics have of the innocent Syrian lives these killers wantonly take but it helps to highlight the hypocrisy that is so central to the entire humanitarian effort to help the rebel murder gangs. The fact is, protestations of Muslim Brotherhood front groups, apologists and fifth columnists notwithstanding, their revolution is a complete lie.

Dr Saleyha Ahsan Damsel Faking Distress



Page 71 of this document shows the controversial Dr Saleyha Ahsan struggling to don a flak jacket. As this strange woman was an officer in an elite British Army unit, one has to wonder why she seems to struggle with bootcamp101 stuff like donning a flak jacket. The only reasonable explanation is that she and her co star Rola Hallam were hamming it up for the cameras and lost the run of themselves. Her Facebook photos glorifying racist violence in Libya are truly shocking and why the BBC would deal with one so seemingly tainted beyond redemption beggars belief.



We return to this sinister doctor in pp 171 et seq. which deserve careful reading and wide dissemination. This very sinister women joined the “Libyan revolution” (sic) where she witnessed black prisoners being mistreated by conscripted child soldiers and she said not a word of protest. Not only that but, as the piece claims, she got a rush from consorting with these sadistic, butchering rebels.  It is a disgrace that the BBC still pays this sick woman huge money to pollute out screens with her sick views.

BBC use Terrorist Minders



As pp 70 et seq of this document makes plain, the BBC used terrorist minders when they filmed Saving Syria’s Children, a controversial programme which was (deliberately?) aired as the British House of Commons voted on the Nato plan of bombing Syria back to the Stone Age. Hand in Hand, the controversial charity who had star billing in the dodgy show, would, on the evidence, have been happy with the RAF doing some humantiarian bombing on the schools and hospitals of Damascus.

Rola Hallam and the Terrorist “Flags of Our Fathers”


BBC Panorama’s Orwellian named Saving Syria’s Children features Dr Rola Hallam, the daughter of a very prominent Syrian “dissident”, driving through ISIS checkpoints together with her fawning BBC camera crew. Neither the BBC nor the controversial Hand in Hand for Syria group, for whom Dr Rola Hallam was working, have so far explained why they were treated so well by ISIS who kidnap and execute other British citizens as a matter of course. Please see ppp 67 et seq of this document for further information. The incredible relevant short video clip showing the BBC crew openly fraternising with ISIS may be viewed here.


Pp 150 et seq of the same document shows Rola Hallam’s father should answer a few questions to the Medical Council and the Special Branch as well.  This colourful character, who thinks he was hard done by as Assad did not make him Vice-President, seems to find chemical weapons wherever he travels in terrorist-c0ntrolled Syria. PP 153 et seq has her father hob nobbing with the terrorist top brass in scandal riven Qatar and suggests he is on the lookout for freebies, power and influence amongst the death squads and their sponsors. Because of the very pro-active role Hallam’s father has played in the chemical gas hoax – a role even bigger than her own leading one – he is covered at length in pp 153 et seq of the same document.