Good Friday: Guardian Plays the Sectarian card

Let me carry your cross

The Guardian newspaper played the sectarian card in covering Jerusalem and Good Friday. Their scoop was that a Muslim family rents crosses to Christian pilgrims. Given that most Christians have been cleansed from Jerusalem as part of Israeli policy and Muslims, who venerate Jesus as a prophet, are now the overwhelming majority of Jerusalem’s artificial minority, where is the story? The Guardian is like a dog and its puke – the only story is a sectarian, scoffing one.  Some things don’t change.

As Fox News put it (in simple English so the Guardian sectarian hacks can understand it: Less than 2 percent of the population of Israel and the Palestinian territories is Christian, mostly split between Catholicism and Orthodox streams of Christianity. Christians in the West Bank wanting to attend services in Jerusalem must obtain permission from Israeli authorities.

In other words, if we forget cleansing history, 98% of all non Jewish shops should be Muslim.

Israel claims the thousands of soldiers they have deployed to disrupt the celebrations are there to protect Christians from Muslims.

Meanwhile, the illegal Israeli settler are targeting the last 17% of the West Bank which is under the nominal control of the Palestinian Authority.

An in Jerusalem itself, the Israeli overlords stopped Muslims going to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


Hurrah for Hollywood and the Marines

The London Independent has a good piece on Hollywood’s new baddies – the North Koreans. There are several important facets to this report: Hollywood needs a baddie who will not damage their sales and Holywood just peddles tripe. More importantly, however, this tripe percolates through and helps convince moat people American foreign policy and American principles, whatever they are, are ok. The Yanks are always the good guys and what is good for American and General Motors is good fir their victims too.

With the US studios desperate to establish a foothold in the fast growing Chinese market, it is clearly a very bad idea to have too many films with heroic Rambo types taking on Red Army soldiers, opium smugglers or cyber  hackers. The same applies to the Middle Eastern and North African market. India (through the Reliance Group) is already helping bankroll big American movies.

By a natural process of elimination, all this leads to North Korea’s current status as Hollywood’s favourite source of bad guys. In the new remake of 1984 Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen movie Red Dawn (objectionable enough in its own right), the residents in a typical American town in Washington State wake up one morning to see North Korean paratroopers dropping from the sky. Chris Hemsworth and various other rugged and square-jawed young patriots fight back against the alien invaders.