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Dr Declan Hayes: My Fight for Syrian Freedom

  • Thank you for paying for my heart operation, Mr Irishman. You have saved my life: Ms Waad el Shom, aged 6, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Thank you for all the fine work you are doing to save Syria. We were able to give the mothers a double ration of baby powder milk this week because of your generous donation: Sr Bridget Doody, Italian Hospital, Damascus.

  • Thank you for your generous donation to our kindergarten. It helped us to buy fuel over the winter so less children died from the cold: Fr Taufiq Eid, parish priest, Maaloula, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Thank you for your generous donation to our school. It helped us to pay for counseling for the children who survived the double suicide bombing attack on them: Ms Fatima Al Hussain, Principal, Akrameh al-Makhzum School, Homs, Syria.

  • Thank you, Dr Hayes, for paying for me to go to Turkey to bring Gafar Azouz, my sole surviving grandson, back to Damascus after our entire family were murdered trying to cross the border: Ms Hagar Saleh, Damascus.

  1. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great work on behalf of the people of Syria: His Beatitude, Patriarch Gregorios Laham, Global Leader of the Greek Catholic Church.

  • You are a special person, a true warrior in The Army of God: Archbishop Hilarion Capucci, Palestinian national hero.

  • You have done the people of Syria a great service. May God bless you forever: His Holiness, Patriarch Ignatius Ephraim, Global Leader of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

  • I thank the Irish citizen, Dr. Declan Hayes, who visited us in Syria. He visited my house and wrote a book about that. He swore that he would let my voice be heard. I thank Declan for that: His Grace, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, Grand Mufti of Syria. Oireachtas Joint and Select Committees, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Thank you for your generous donation to our school in Aleppo and for the equipment you donated to our church in Damascus: Fr Joseph Bali, Syriac Orthodox Church.

  • Thanks, Declan, for visiting the survivors of the ambush on our (Shia) children at al-Rashideen, which killed over 90 of our children and where 54 more were kidnapped and remain missing. Thank you also for your generous financial support: Dr Ali Mohsen, Zeinab Shrine, Damascus.

  • Irish peace activist Dr. Declan Hayes believes that the mercenary brigades running amok in Syria for the past five years have been directed by Western military intelligence, the American CIA and British MI6, along with Turk intelligence: Finian Cunningham, Sputnik News.

  • Thank you, Declan, for your generous donation to our hospital. We need a lot more money and support if we are to save more little lives. Please do your best and get more people to help, not for my sake but for the sake of our little patients who will otherwise die: Surgeon Dr Mohammad Younes, Dar El Shefaa Hospital, Damascus.

  • Dr Hayes not only has a profound grasp of the Armenian genocide and the debt Armenians owe their Syrian saviors but he is able to plant it firmly within the context of the current war being waged against the Syrian people: Armenian Ambassador to Syria, His Excellency, Arshak Poladian.

  • We were welcomed in Damascus by Dr. Declan Hayes. I would take this opportunity to thank him for his central role in conceiving this project and bringing it to fruition: Mairéad Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate.

  • It was instructive to discuss the reconstruction of Syria today with the Irish academic, Dr Declan Hayes: Kamal Eddin Touma, Minister of Industry, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Thank you, Declan, for running courses free of charge for us and for giving your valuable academic advice to our graduate students: Prof. Dr. Raslan Khaddour, Dean of Economics Faculty, Damascus University.

  • Declan Hayes is a witness for the terrible things that have been done to my tribe and to my people: Mhd Deeb Al Youssef, Member of People’s Assembly, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Dr Declan Hayes has proved himself to be a true and consistent friend of the Syrian people in their time of need: Eng. Beshr Yazji, Minister of Tourism, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • The assistance Dr Declan Hayes has given us at Damascus University is both necessary and highly appreciated: Atef Naddaf, Higher Education Minister, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • The work of Dr Declan Hayes is essential reading to grasp the enormity of the crimes being committed against the Syrian people: Wael Nader al-Halqi, former Syrian Prime Minister, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Dear Dr. Hayes: Thank you for disclosing the hidden truth about the Syrian War. It was never an “uprising;” its origins lay with the CIA, MI-6 and the host of vultures intent on destroying the Syrian people and ripping the flesh from their dead carcasses. Hundreds of billions were spent to topple the duly-elected government of Syria. Though small in numbers, Syria proved to be one of the world’s most stable, tenacious nations. Its army has fought with astounding gallantry and success against two-thirds of the world’s mightiest industrial and military powers. The multibillion-dollar propaganda campaign that western powers waged against Syria has deceived people. While reporting that America, France and Great Britain supported “moderate rebels, fighting for democracy,” our nations actually allied themselves with the world’s most brutal tyrants; the dictators of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. Together, we supported hideous barbarians, who raped, beheaded, burned and crucified incredible numbers—then bragged openly of it by publishing videos of their atrocities. The West reacted as if by saying, “Move along now. Nothing to see here. Get along now with you!” Yet our penniless army of bulldog journalists like you has become a most vexing irritant to the vicious coalition we are leading in our effort to topple Syria. But the fight goes on. Please keep up the fight to defend Syria. Millions of Christians, Alawites and other Syrians depend on us for their survival. May God bless you and your work: Senator Richard H. Black, USA.

  • Declan Hayes is a notorious Assad supporter: Huge Gye, The Sun.

  • A dangerous extremist: The Sunday Times.

  • A controversial academic who writes for a think-tank run by a Vladimir Putin ally: Mail on Sunday.

  • An Assad apologist… on an Interpol watchlist: Mail on Sunday.

  • Assad and Putin apologist Declan Hayes: James Bickerton, political editor of Backbencher.

  • An alleged member of a Putin-linked policy group: Daily Mail.

  • Dangerous Assad apologist: Sunday Express.

  • An apologist for tyrant Bashar Assad: Marco Giannangeli, Sunday Express.

  • A dangerous extremist: Sunday Express.

  • The fact that the leader of the (British) opposition was getting advice from someone (Hayes) who is peddling the Russian story is worrying and distressing: Col Hamish de Bretton Gordon.

  • Hayes’ views on the merits of Nato and Western values, and the democratic freedoms that Nato seeks to protect, will not give any comfort to those whose duty it is to protect the UK. Frankly, it’s dangerous: Crispin Blunt, MP.

  • Some of Declan Hayes’ views on the situation in Syria tend to be very one-sided, so some of what he says and writes should be treated with caution: Commandant Edward Horgan, former military commander of Portlaoise Prison, Ireland.

  • Regime supporter Declan Hayes …said he was proud to have spent the last three months with the Syrian Arab Army: Mark Boothroyd, British terrorist groupie.

  •  Declan Hayes, a notorious Assad apologist: Order-order, a notorious far-right website.


Dr Declan Hayes






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These nine free books on Syria can be downloaded in PDF, mobi or epub formats at this link. Those in the top row are the best. The Sanctions, Sex Jihad A-Z is a good reference and has been vastly expanded. It can be had here in PDF. The others in the top row are here and here in PDF.

Syria in September: If you wish to join us in government held Syria in early September, please get in touch.  Ku Klux Klansmen, Muslim Brotherhood dross, Chrstian safe spacers and Israeli/Saudi supremacists are not welcome.

Ireland in October: We hope to get a good inter faith delegation form Syria to Ireland in October. Because of Muslim Brotherhood gangbangers, this will stay under the radar for now.

Syria: Six Free Ebooks


There are six e books at this link here, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, one each in the various folders. All are in kindle, epub and, where appropriate, in PDF format. All deal with the Syrian crisis. All are also for sale on Amazon and other major outlets.
B4 is a compendium of B1, B2 and B3. B6 is a compendium of B4 and B5.
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Please also donate if you can. If you can help, please email me with details as to how you can help.
The major thing that is needed is to bolster Syrian civil society and, for example, for schools to adopt schools in government-held Syria. Instead of blindly collecting funds which go to help the rebels and their dishonest cause, our aim is to help the ordinary Syrians, women and children in the main, who bear the brunt of this unjust war against Syria and the Syrian people.

SYRIA: Preliminary FAQs

FAQs: These, the beginnings of my own FAQs, are the result of my travels to Syria. Though the Syrian crisis is multi-faceted, the emphasis should be on stopping outside state, NGO and other forces making a very bad situation infinitely worse. Neither the violence nor the flood of refugees fleeing Syria and other countries will end until countries like Saudi Arabia and their terrorist proxies stop throwing financial and logistical fuel on the fire on the pyre that is Syria.  These FAQs do not claim to be definitive; they are given to allow more focused and helpful suggestions to be made. Ebding the Syrian violence will take a lot of work over a lot of years. Some honesty would also help.
Alawite: Syria is NOT ruled by an Alawite elite. In accordance with common colonial practice, the French promoted Alawite and Druze officers in the military on the divide and conquer principle that the Dutch used to promote Catholic and Protestant military officers in Indonesia. Although Alawites may be disproportionately over-represented amongst the elite, this would not be more pronounced than similar distortions elsewhere. Sunnis are well-represented at the highest government levels and in the military and inter-marriages are very common, the marriage of Syria’s President to a Sunni being one such high-profile example. The fanatics of the Muslim Brotherhood apart, Syria’s problems are not sectarian at heart. They are socio-economic in nature and the sectarians’ war against Syria only accentuate those problems.
Al Jazeera Arabic: Is part of the Qatari controlled Al Jazeera network. It is less moderate or, if you prefer, more honest than its English sister station and regularly and explicitly calls for the extermination of Syria’s Druze, Alawite and Shia communities. Irish-based spokespeople for the Muslim Brotherhood terror gang have featured prominently on this notorious Muslim Brotherhood station. Al Jazeera Arabic and its Qatar sponsors are very major contributors to the violence sweeping the Arab world.
Assadist: Calling opponents of the rebels Assadists is just a way to polarise opinion, to help target and murder those who genuinely oppose the ISIS and other rebel gangs and to justify raping, enslaving and murdering them; it is a hate crime, akin to baiting Jews in 1930s’ Berlin. Most Syrians who support the Syrian Arab Army do so because they want to protect their homes and homeland from the rebels who want to kill or enslave them. Most non-Syrians who support Syria’s right to exist do so because they see what the alternative is and the ugly forces trying to impose that alternative against the wishes of the Syrian people. President Assad, his family and his clan are bit parts in this. The Assadist slur is a cheap and nasty one disseminated by cheap and nasty people, who should be robustly taken to task over it.
Ba’ath Party: The Ba’ath Party is a catch-all party. Its most dedicated members are in the front lines fighting the rebels not least because they know that they and their family members are summarily executed whenever the rebels get the chance to kill them.
Barrel bombs: Barrel bombs are widely used as they are cost-effective. The rebels highlight them not out of any real humanitarian concern but because they want a no-fly zone so that Syria might be bombed back into barbarity just as Libya and Serbia were. Barrel bombs are just one in an array of ordnance and Ken Roth of the Human Rights Watch group discredits himself by comparing them to the Hiroshima atomic bomb attack.
Casualties, Civilian and Otherwise: The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have borne the bulk of the casualties to date. This has been largely due to their use of outmoded tactics in the early years of the invasion when Qatari, Turkish and Saudi controlled gangs held the initiative. Currently, about half of all rebel fatalities are foreigners, evidence of the mercenary nature of much of their support.
Christian axe to grind: Although it is true that Christians were far better treated in Syria than in any country contiguous to it, the war against Syria goes much deeper than religion. The rebels are waging war against civilisation and the basic norms of humanity which underscore our modern world. Far from axe-grinding, Western Christian leaders are doing little of practical consequence to help. When Syria’s Christians deliver their tales of woe to the uncaring West, Syria’s enemies parrot the Christians are merely running to report to their paymasters. The truth of course is that Syria’s enemies want to silence all Syrian voices for peace and, as in the case of Syria’s indefatigable Christian leaders, marginalise and discredit those voices they cannot totally muffle.
Free Syrian Army: The Free Syrian Army are not and never have been an effective fighting force. They are a Muslim Brotherhood controlled umbrella group, whose top tiers consist of ex-Army officers and sundry buccaneers with an insatiable sense of entitlement. Their foot soldiers are more interested in rape and pillage than in fighting and footage abounds showing them engaged in all manners of crimes from mass looting to rape to eating the hearts of their prisoners. The very idea that an effective group of secular rebels could emerge in Syria is a patent nonsense. They are a concoction of the Muslim Brotherhood, their paymasters and the Qatari-funded PR companies they hire.

Friday Prayers: Because Friday prayers can be volatile or sensitive times in Muslim communities, the Palestinian, Egyptian, Syrian and other authorities have tended to monitor them to ensure passions are not being enflamed and, when they are, they would warn the imam to tone things down or suffer the consequences. The rebels have simply murdered moderate imams and have ensconced their own bellicose puppets in their stead. This has not been helpful at all. The legacy of the press-ganging of child soldiers, the incendiary imams and the sheer brutality with which the rebels have pursued their dubious aims will take generations to overcome.
Gay/transgender: I have met members of Syria’s gay and transgender communities in Damascus and they live peaceably. Although the rebels execute them by throwing them off buildings for visual effects, one has to suspect that they are just using alleged sexual orientation as an excuse to rob and murder them as all the rebels long ago made their views on such issues crystal clear and how such transgressions against their own warped mora “values” were to be dealt with. Either way, the fact that leading members of England’s and Ireland’s gay communities support the homophobic Muslim Brotherhood rebels should be a cause of serious self-reflection for them.
Hezbollah: Hezbollah only emerged following the 1982 massacre of Palestinians and Lebanese Shia by Christian militia at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Hezbollah believe and the evidence, such as the endless saturation bombing of Syrian Shia villages and the endless Al Jazeera Arabic pronouncements, supports them, that should Sunni supremacists get their way, they will again be slaughtered. No less a figure than the homophobic, genocidal mysoginist Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, to whom several well-known Irish Muslim leaders have sworn allegiance, is unequivocal about this: the Shias, along with homosexuals and various other groups, must be totally and utterly exterminated and, as we see in Syria, his followers are practicing waht he and others preach. For my own part, I have found Hezbollah members to be ok the few times I have met them but then I don’t pick fights with them. The only thing that really surprised me about them was their support for Germany rather than Iran in the World Cup.
Iran: I have found the Iranians to be very reasonable as well during the Easter 2014 Peace Pilgrimage to Syria. Although it is true that Iran’s credit line keeps Syria afloat, that is surely a better way to spend their money than how the idle princes of Saudi Arabia and the micro state of Qatar spend theirs. The fact that Saudi Arabia wants Iran expunged surely is a point in favour of Iran than against it and should, at the very least, get us to question the role Saudi Arabian bribes play in our system and in our ongoing silence over Bahrain where Irish-trained doctors were and are still being routinely tortured.
ISIS: Because ISIS’ (Islamic State’s) form of Sunni obscurantism most resembles Wahhabism, which underwrites the rule of the Saudi Royal family and which they export to the four ends of the earth, one has to assume strong financial and military links between Saudi Arabia and their ideological brothers. Although the Iraqis, the so-called Prussians of the Arab world, are well-represented in its officer corps, military logic dictates there must be a layer from the intelligence community above them and directing them, not least because there are so many distinctly un-Arab traits about them. Journalists, academics and others should be trying to unmask those higher layers, rather than fretting about the snuff propaganda videos non-entities like Jihadi John star in.
Israel/Palestine: Syria is separate to the Israeli/Palestinian question even though both parties to that dispute have questions to answer. Israel should explain why its soldiers openly fraternise on the Golan Heights with al Nusra, why it provides material help to the rebels and why its air force now regularly bombs Syrian soldiers, who last fired a shot in anger at them 40 years ago. Hamas should likewise explain why it colludes with the Syrian rebels and if they do so solely at the behest of their Qatari and Muslim Brotherhood paymasters or if they have some ideological rather than mercenary reasons for doing so.
Kurds: As I told a Kurdish speaker at a recent Stop the War meeting (which the Muslim Brotherhood disrupted) they, as their old saying goes, have no friends but the mountains. Their new-found friends have already betrayed them. Though the Kurds’ future is in coming to an accommodation with those neighbours they can having a working peace with, their rights should not be used to confuse the greater wrong that is being done on Syria, her minorities and all her people.
Media: Although the Western media tends to be very supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood and their various front groups, even as the West debates not whether the Muslim Brotherhood are terrrorists but to what degree they are involved in terrorist crimes, supporters of peace with justice could be more pro-active in disseminating their side of the story rather than leaving the field to pro humanitarian bombing NGOS and other Orwellian groups who feed into the Muslim Brotherhood’s sectarian supremacist agenda.
Muslim Brotherhood: The Muslim Brotherhood, in which Egypt’s Morsi, Turkey’s Erdogan, Qaradawi and other Qatari-based sociopaths are all leading lights, is the main terrorist organisation behind Syria’s violence and it should be dealt with accordingly. Following their failed 1982 coup, most Syrian Muslim Brotherhood terrorists fled into safe haven boltholes from where they built a network of dedicated and highly professional cadres to spew their toxins. Although the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood has countless professionals and aspiring political leaders in its ranks of exiles, it not only lacks boots on the Syrian ground but it has lost out in that important regard to Nusra, ISIS and the other groups it formerly nurtured. As in Egypt and Syria, so also here: the Muslim Brotherhood should be declared illegal and its leaders charged with directing terrorism in the same way leaders of any other comparable terrorist organisation are charged.
No fly zone: Calls for a no-fly zone are just another way of calling for Syria to be destroyed by air forces in the same way that Libya, Serbia and Iraq were. Those “humanitarians” calling for a no fly zone should be queried as to their true motives.
Palestinians & UNRWA: The Palestinians in Syria, like their compatriots elsewhere, are being used by various people for their own ends. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is one such group which claims to be supporting 95% of all Palestinians in Syria. This is untrue. Most Palestinians in Syria are under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army and are provided for by the Syrian people. UNRWA are, at best, peripheral, if particularly well-funded players.
Qatar: As well as being a major user of slave labour for the corrupt 2022 World Cup, the micro state of Qatar has been a major state sponsor of terrorism throughout the Arab world, most notably in Libya and in all other areas where the Muslim Brotherhood murder gangs operate.
Refugees: There are two problems here, the stock and the flow. Though the flow of people fleeing the war zones has to be addressed, so too do the much larger stock of people left behind. No matter how many refugees are given succour, until the Muslim Brotherhood terror gangs and their state sponsors are emasculated, the flow will only continue. To speak about the current refugee problem and to ignore the forces driving these unfortunates to risk their lives in such a fashion is to address the symptom and to stupidly (or deliberately) ignore the underlying cause. The ethnic cleansing of Syria under any faux humanitarian pretext is not an acceptable solution.
Russia: The Third Rome: Because Russian involvement is the key to solving the Syrian crisis, Russia’s ongoing and various peace initiatives should be, if not fully supportedm at least thoroughly considered. Although Russia may well have some self-interest in pursuing peace, no-one could honestly dispute that Russia’s hands are much cleaner on recent Middle Eastern issues than are those of most NATO and Gulf States.
Safe areas: The idea of setting up some bantu-style Christian safe havens in Northern Syria and Northern Syria should be resisted as they serve only the cause of those who are driving the Christians and others away from their ancient homelands. The solution to the Syrian and Iraqi problems is secular governments, protected by peace-keeping forces from Vietnam, Russia, China, Iran and South American and other countries that can be seen as honest brokers and who can also protect the oil wells and attendant cash flows and thereby help secure the necessary funds for regeneration. The forces which destroyed Iraq and Libya should have no major part to play in this as they are seen as part of the problem, not part of the solution.
Saudi Arabia: One wonders how British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond recently kept a straight face when his Saudi Arabian equivalent, standing beside him, informed the world that Syria must have a more representative and democratic form of government. Critics would argue that the leaders of Saudi Arabia must be made join Turkey’s leaders in the dock and that Saudi Arabia’s role as a major state sponsor of terrorist ideology needs to be ended, that those responsible for Saudi war crimes in Bahrain and Yemen be brought to justice and its future as a single entity examined with, perhaps, the oil-rich, Shia dominated areas being given a form of self-rule and international peace-keeping force being deployed throughout the rest of Saudi Arabia to ensure women, Christians, immigrants and all other oppressed groups there are treated as fairly as they are in Syria.
Sunni Syrians: Most Sunnis support the Syrian Arab Army and comprise the bulk of its forces. Most Sunni tribes support the Syrian Army and fight and die alongside it. Whatever genuine community support the rebels enjoy is generally to be found amongst the rural poor who have been promised the wealth of others or who have been bought off with the looted spoils of war. Once peace returns and a programme for reconstruction is put in place, Sunni support for the rebels will dissipate, leaving only the embittered Muslim Brotherhood cadres to renew their plotting for their next bloodbath.

Sunni Tribes: The Sunni tribes in the eastern half of Syria play a key role in the crisis. Though most of them remain loyal to the Syrian government and fight and die alongside the Syrian Army in places such as Deit Elzzor, ISIS and the other rebels have put a lot of work into winning over younger zealots and using them as a Trojan horse to coerce older leaders into obeying them. The many massacres of tribesmen bear withness to that.

Syria and Sectarianism: The genesis of the sectarian card can be traced to the promotion which Sam Harris’ screed denouncing received after the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks. Harris’ tract began a cottage industry of God-bashing where Richard Dawkins, the late Christopher Hitchens and a mini-army of others wrote best-selling tracts essentially regurgitating the works of Thomas Paine for a modern audience and convincing a large number of people that religion rather than politics and politicians was the root of today’s political problems. In practical terms, this has led Western forces to undermine the secular underpinnings of Iraq, Libya, Syria and a number of other countries and to encourage and promote sectarians. These forces have allowed Saudi Arabia and similar countries to adopt a sectarian laager stance and to simultaneously export their own radicals to cause mayhem and to serve nefarious agendas in countries such has Syria.

Turkey: Turkey’s role in the dismemberment of Syria should be examined with regard to putting Erdogan and his key collaborators on trial in the International Criminal Court for war crimes and for sponsoring the Free Syrian Army, ISIS, the Grey Wolves and the plethora of other terrorist groups it controls and that operate with impunity in Turkey. Evidence of Erdogan’s compicity in the the rape of the Armnian town of Kessab, the Kurdish town of Kobani, Idlib, Aleppo and many other places is as overwhelming as is evidence of their Syriac and Armenian genocides a century ago.
Yarmouk: Yarmouk Camp, which I visited in April 2015, is the only Palestinian enclave in Syria with a sizable rebel presence. Prior to the violence, it was a prosperous commercial hub, which, fatally, was given much autonomy by the Syrian authorities. This autonomy allowed the rebels gain a foothold. Currently, most Yarmouk Palestinians have fled to government-controlled areas and Palestinian forces allied to the Syrian Army control one part of Yarmouk whilst a volatile coalition of the Free Syrian Army, their ISIS and Nusra allies and some sundry other gangs control the rest. Yarmouk has been used as a propaganda tool by the rebels’ supporters and they have even published fake pictures from them in an attempt to swindle even more money from gullible people for their dishonest cause.

Faith of Our Fathers

Though Faith of our Fathers is usually associated with Irish Catholics, it was originally written in homage to those English who stayed in communion with Rome, “in spite of dungeon, fire and sword”, something Syria’s abandoned Christians could relate to.  Most of the photos below were taken in Maaloula on Easter Sunday 2014, shortly after the Syrian Arab Army retook it for the second time and when I visited together with all Syria’s Christian leaders. The photos show the destruction the moderate rebels did to it. Other photos are of the Greek Catholic Cathedral on Palm Sunday, the wrecked Syriac Church in the old quarter of Homs and some damaged mosques to show that the moderate rebels are equal opportunity destroyers.

The Arab words which a moderate rebels scrawled on the door of a Maaloula convent reads: We get closer to God by slitting throats.

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Syria’s Blood Fountains

Syria’s enemies, it seems, will not rest until the last drop of blood flows from the last dead Syrian. How, one might ask, did Syrians become so mired in their own blood and how may Syria be stopped from drowning in it?
Like most crimes, it is best to go back the beginning of this false rebellion when Lonely Planet travellers remarked on how safe Syria was to travel in and how William Dalrymple’s superlative From the Holy Mountain showed that it was the one country in that entire region where Christians and other minorities were regarded as equal citizens.
The Syrian economy seemed to be buzzing as well, with Syria’s President being a guest of the Queen at Westminster and meeting America’s leaders on matters of concern to their two communities and, perhaps, to the general international community as well. For those of us with no great interest in ancient Rome, ancient Christianity or ancient relics, there was nothing much to see in Syria and so we, along with our media, generally ignored it, just like we did with Ukraine, Armenia or a host of other countries before they got their colour-coded counter-revolutions imposed on them or as we ignored Iraq and Libya before Nato decided they had to be blitzed into the nether regions of Dante’s Inferno.
Syria’s colour-coded counter-revolution began inauspiciously enough with a handful of draft-dodgers apparently taking to the mattresses with whatever weapons they cold pilfer. As the media began to beef them up, amateur observers, myself included, gave them a couple of weeks at most before the Syrian Army obliterated them. Far from being crushed, Syria’s Contras became the darlings of the West and seemed set to take Damascus before the Syria Army stopped them in their tracks and, with the help of their Lebanese allies, sent them packing. Then, when we figured the Syrian Army had prevailed, the Contra gangs made spectacular gains in Northern Syria and attempted a full-scale invasion from Jordan while Israel helped Contra units attack Syria from the Golan Heights and the USAF allowed ISIS run riot in the East. Bafflement time again.
Clearly then, Syria has a formidable alliance of countries aligned to it. Equally clearly, this has not been made clear, for whatever reasons, in our media, which seems to concentrate on telling us that ISIS veterans pose a direct threat to our friends, families and neighbours in the sleepy suburbs that we live in and that we should concentrate on that direct threat to all we hold dear and not bother analysing why they are allowed to create more mega-lakes of innocent Syria blood as the fancy takes them.
We are told that the Syrian government, which cooperated up to very recently with their British and American counter-parts, is a global pariah, that we must wreck their economy and social fabric with sanctions, boycotts, threats, and that we must handsomely fund our humanitarian organisations to turn them into global pariahs because, like a naughty child in a playground, it is all their fault and they need some tough love so they know not to be naughty and break Nato’s rules.
To justify Nato’s amoral stance, we are told that the Syrian authorities have used chemical weapons on the Contras, that they have used barrel bombs, an apparently particularly brutal and brutally cheap form of aerial ordnance and that they are now using chlorine bombs, something, it seems, we are supposed to recoil from in much the same way Dracula would flee a crucifix.
One wonders if there is another side to all this? Syria’s enemies, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, are amongst the world’s vilest and most repugnant regimes and they and their media outlets have been rightly slated by all relevant scribes with even a token amount of decency in them. The Nato countries, Britain and the USA in the main, have already plunged two Arab countries, Iraq and Libya, into the abyss and, as their eagerness to bomb Syria in the wake of the 2013 chemical gas attack shows, they would dearly like to add Syria’s scalp to their gruesome collection. Because of their complicity in those monstrous crimes, British and American war hawks should be made curtail their genocidal gut reactions and sit the Syrian war out. The same goes for Italy, Libya’s former colonial power, and France, which has previous form in bombing Syrian civilians and which, along with Italy and the “usual suspects” of Britain and America, bombed Libya into rack and ruin.
What then of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Turkey should cede western Armenia to Armenia to Turkey, the Shias of the oil-rich sections of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia should be given their independence, and Qatar should not only be made cease to exist but its confiscated reserves should be used to fund Syrian reconstruction.
And what about Syria itself? Were Russia and Chinese ground troops allowed to finish off the rebels, guard Syria’s borders and vital installations, then Syria could once again have positive cash flows.
What then about the rebels? There are the brains and the brawn. The Muslim Brotherhood are the brains of the non-ISIS factions and they have to be corralled. Though ISIS brawn must be defeated in the field, their brains must first be identified before being splattered around whatever parts of Turkey, Qatar or Saudi Arabia they hole themselves up in?
And what about the rest, the Nato powers and how they are portrayed? Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Nato has proved to be the world’s most lethal user and abuser of both soft and hard power. There is barely a war theatre in today’s world where either they or their arms are not to the fore in fomenting the crimson blood fountains they thrive on.
And, as Syria amply demonstrates, there is barely a media outlet where their cynical spin does not convince most of us that right is wrong and good is bad. We read about the moderate rebels like we read about the moderate Wehrmacht but all the evidence indicates that even the most moderate of them are a blight on humanity. We read about the Syrian Army’s atrocities but all the independent forensic evidence indicates that most of these supposed acts were, if not committed by the Contra gangs, were the work of the well-paid PR firms Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia employ on behalf of their respective rebel gangs.
And do, what is to be done? One thing we could do is to give the Syrians a voice so that their side can, at least be heard. But even that is denied them. They cannot get visas and, when those of them who have non-Syrian passports, manage to speak at one forum or another, Muslim Brotherhood fanatics, ISIS fellow-travellers or intellectually vacuous Westerners physically attack them just as the Brownshirts used the boot and the knuckleduster in their day. Yet we must persevere against the TV stations and newspapers which, for whatever perverse reasons of national security, wish to deny us the voice of truth only the victims of the rebels can supply.
I have no idea whether Martin Luther King Jr was right when he said that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. But I do know one thing: in life, we have to pick moral sides and in many areas there is no grey. The Nazis’ atrocities cannot be batted away by the moral equivalence arguments that have held such sway in recent years. Nor can the crimes of the Syrian Contra rebels or of the countries who finance and arm them or of the media outlets which shill for them. They must be opposed and they too must be beaten so that Syria’s rivers of blood can be stemmed.

Syria, Lord Haw Haws & Tokyo Roses

When Brendan Behan was asked what he thought about Joyce, Behan replied that they should not have hanged him. Though Behan, being a smart ass, was deliberately conflating notorious Nazi collaborator William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw, with James Joyce the author, he had a point, and it is a point that extends not only to Tokyo Rose but also to the Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses of our own day.


Take, for example, Mary Fitzgerald of the Irish Times. She has gone out of her way to blame Syrian terrorist acts, including the kidnapping of real journalists, on the Syrian Army. This is a woman who has promoted the Libyan terrorists and who stands over the atrocities they have committed in both Libya and Syria. She has promoted their cause in Ireland, which many of the most notorious Libyan death squad members have used as a base and R&R centre and, like Greyfriars Bob or some other faithful lapdog, has followed them back to Libya.   Though the snippets above and below come from pp 305 et seq in this piece there is much more that must be said about Fitzgerald, her time at a private Catholic Miami university with long links to the US security forces, her time “studying” in Amman which is major CIA hub and her bit of rough sabbatical with the terror gangs of Libya.





The same goes for Paul Conroy who, though being an ex-member of the British armed forces, is not only an unapologetic supporter of the Libyan and Syrian teror gangs but has actively collaborated with them on numerous occasions, even going so far as to write a book in homage to them. Though I critically reviewed Conroy’s awful book praising the Libyan and Syrian murderers here suffice to say, though Conroy admits to needing long term psychiatric help to handle his self-inflicted demons, his fragile mental state can be no defence for the crimes he has helped foist on the Libyan and Syrian people or, through his work, on the British people.

The same goes for the odious Fitzgerald who, perhaps due to her  seemingly close links with American intelligence forces and her love of a bit of rough, in the form of Libyan cut throats, seems to have a visceral hatred of anyone working for peace. De Long, on the other hand, is not to be taken seriously, even though Stop the War paid heed to him and his fellow trolls when he forced them to stop genuine Syrian peace activists addressing their rally .

Michael Weiss of the far right Henry Jackson Society is also discussed in this piece . Although I have read his stupid screed on ISIS ( his idiotic thesis is that Assad runs them to kill his own soldiers), it is that bad that I haven’t thought it worthwhile writing up a review on it. These people and their embedded minds are part of the rebel war effort, even if their traceable pay cheques come from the West.

Although Hitler’s SS and Tojo’s kamikaze pilots packed a bigger punch that their Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses, their willing mouthpieces had a case to answer too and, whether we agree with Behan on Lord Haw Haw, we must all agree that Weiss, Fitzgerald, Conroy and today’s other Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses must also pay a price. Their Syrian and Libyan victims deserve nothing less.


War Criminals Were Hanged at Nuremberg But are Praised in the West


Dale Carnegie’s famous book begins in prison where some of America’s most notorious criminals tell him what nice guys they are and how, like the Mafiosi in The Godfather movies, they did all their loathesome crimes out of selfless love for their loathesome families. The Nazis and their apologists, building on those shaky foundations, would argue that they were the victims, the victims of victors’ justice.

Their empty protestations notwithstanding, the Nazis remain today as benchmarks in evil and in what we expect war criminals to be. That being so, pp 140 et seq and pp 200 et seq of this document allude to two of Hitler’s henchmen who were hanged at Nuremberg. Streicher was hanged as he was a German Lord Haw Haw and Karl Brandt, Hitler’s personal physician, also got a suspended sentence because of his involvement in medical experiments which, though unspeakable, are on a par with what the medical organ harvesters of the Syrian rebels have done in our own time. Given the treatment some of the Nazis got at Nuremberg, the question we must ask ourselves is this: what sentence do the Lord Haw Haws and Karl Brandts of the Syrian rebel criminal gangs deserve? Is it one law for yesterday’s Nazis and another for today’s?


That would seem to be the case. take a look at the rap sheet of the Syrian rebels: organ harvesting, gang rape of even their youngest captives, slavery, massive theft, wholesale slaughter, genocide, barbaric medical experiments, dragooning child soldiers into fighting and so on: an almost never-ending list of crimes and barbarities too brutal and pornographic for even a B grade horror movie. Yet these savages not only go unpunished but their leaders, many of whom have been directly implicated in some of the most notorious of these crimes, are wined and dined by their sponsors in the Western corridors of power. The Nazis, on whom they model themselves, must be rolling in their graves, sad that they were born and lived before their hour had truly come.



Page 271 of the same document shows Syrian rebel medics slitting the throat of a Christian and engaging in organ harvesting. Though to most of us, these characters belong in jail, groups like Hand in Hand for Syria and the White Helmets, aided and abetted by the media, have made heroes out of these medical war criminals. As ppp 273 et seq of the same document discuss, the same has happened with the godfathers of the Free Syrian Army who can be directly linked to a variety of infamous war crimes such as the rape of Kessab and the abduction, enslavement and dismemberment of Alawite women and children in Latakia




As p 281 of the same document suggests, NHS medics complicit in these war crimes by the Syrian criminal rebels should be held to account for their crimes. Others, not the least of whom are the lesser Nazis, have got life tariffs without parole for far less. Unless we hold the leaders and Western sponsors of the Syrian rebel criminal gangs to account,  we should really keep our collective mouths shut on other atrocities.

And, of course, it is not just Syria.  The crimes of the Saudi regime in Bahrain, in Yemen and in Saudi Arabia itself go unpunished and barely remarked upon in the mainstream media which did so much to cheer on the slaughter of the Libyans, the Iraqis and the Syrians. Julius Streicher would argue he was hanged for less.

Medical Black Ops Against Syria


Page 186 of this document shows some of the black ops the Syrian terrorists engage in. Reyhanli is in Turkey. It is where the Turkish secret service has headquartered both the Free Syrian Army and the Hand in Hand for Syria crews. The hired Reyhanli guns in the photo above are obviously wearing the masks for propaganda effect, which, of ocurse, feeds into the war machine by encouraging the death squads to kill more Syrians so as to better weaken Syria. In that, they are not alone. Dr Rola Hallam also controversially wore masks during BBC Panorama’s Saving Syria’s Children scam and the White Helmets, who we shall return to in later posts, also wear gas masks for effect as they loot the bodies of those their Al Nusra buddies have just executed.


White ops work equally well. Page 216  of this document refers to the hard line Christine Gilmore who came down from Leeds with a mob to break up a pro-peace meeting in London. Gilmore, who writes works she terms academic in praise of notorious genocidal apologist Qaradawi, circulated this photo of kids, suspposedly in Yarmouk camp praising her abilities to get aid into them. The document suggests this picture and much else she does on behalf of herself and her aged Syrian fiance is fake.


Gilmore, who organised a series of police raids on houses of peace activists, was a regular feature on British TV, asking for her trophy fiance to be allowed entry into Britain even as she called in almost the same breath for the people of Damascus to be bombed.  She and the Leeds unit she controls are covered in more detail in pp 301 et seq of the same document.


As pp 302 et seq of the same document explains, Australian immigrant and serial sectarian Peter Tatchell has also played his part in stifling debate. Oddly enough for an Australian draft dodger, Tatchell wants more people to fight to kill more Syrians which probably still has far too many Christians for his liking. Although, like so many other seemingly well-meaning supporters of the murder gangs,  Tatchell is obviously a highly disturbed individual in need of help, his reckless actions and his support for Muslim Brotherhood attacks on Syrian peace activists can only be explained, but certainly not excused, within the parameters of black ops.

Although this same document  expends a lot of time discussing the medics who put the pretty sheen on ISIS and Syria’s other terror gangs, their black ops do not occur in a vacuum. They are an integral part of the bigger soft war Nato and the Gulf States are waging against civilisation and against the Syrian people alongside their hot war.  Because the soft war is as damaging in its own right as is the hot war, it too must be opposed and its thuggish foot soldiers named and shamed.