Women: Good and Bad

Pakistani Taliban killed her

The Pakistani Taliban killed a woman in a drive by shooting. Her crime? teaching girls.  Awful how these Taliban chickens are coming hme to roost.

Taliban victim

Meanwhile, the Guardian reports this young lady has got a $2 million book deal. I hope she gets the Nobel Peace and Literature Prizes too. She deserves both.

And the femiNazis contributed by getting this young Tunisian woman to risk her life in an empty protest

Tunisian protester risks life for nothing

Boko Haram’s Educational Policy

Boko Haram have an educational policy


Boko Haram’s educational policy has much in common with the Pakistani Taliban who shoot schoolgirls like Malala Yousafza for going to school. While it is all well and good to condemn Taliban knuckle draggers in Pakistan or Mail, it does raise the question why we support them in Syria and why we allow pretend their Saudi and Qatari bosses are angels of light and not of the darkness of the abyss that they are.

Juxtaposed against these Saudi and Qatari organ grinders and their Salafist puppets stands the witness of people like Bethlehem University’s former Vice-Chancellor, Brother Joseph Loewenstein of the De La Salle Christian Brothers. They give education and hope to all comers, not the belly full of lead which is the stock in trade of the merchants of death. I interviewed Br Joe at Christmas 2012. The interview is here: http://sotonsom.com/radio_rc/Jerusalem_8.mp3

More radio interviews are available by clicking here:





Because Taigs is a derogatory name for Irish Catholics, it is an entirely appropriate name for this site which aims to comment on the fate of the forgotten, the marginalised and “collateral damage” of the various conflicts the great and the good immerse themselves and their cannon fodder in.

Here, for example, is a recent article and video on Palestinian families being evicted from their East Jerusalem homes.

I have recently done some interviews for Heart gives unto heart Catholic radio and the stories emanating from Syria remind me of the collapse of the Roman Empire. I will put links up to them in time but the sheer scale of the barbarity there should cause us all to question our own roles and if we have any moral right to ignore the sufferings of those untold masses.

Here is a picture whole bunch of dead Nigerians. Their crime, for whch they got the death penalty? Going to mass on Christmas