Medical Monsters


PP 140 et seq of this document discusses Nazi war criminals such as Karl Brandt, Adolf Hitler’s personal physician, who was sentenced to death at the Nazi Doctors’ Trial in August 1947. Brandt was indicted with 22 other Nazi doctors and SS officers. Within each SS-Sturmbann (battalion), there existed one company of the SS Medical Corps whose duty was to serve as medical support personnel to the rest of the SS battalion. The Nuremberg Trials declared the Leadership Corps of the SS, including the SS Medical Corps but excluding the SS Cavalry Corps, to be a criminal organisation. Dr Gabbar and Hand in Hand for Syria should opine on whether the medical corps of ISIS are also a criminal organisation and if those who collaborate with ISIS are, like their Nazi equivalents, criminal collaborators. One might see the parallels with Syria which is under attack by today’s equivalents of the Nazis.


The Nazi doctors were not history’s only medical monsters. Page 137 of this document details some British based medics who did violent jihad in Syria. Page 136 depicts more medical monsters who joined ISIS.



The above page 137 screengrab  tells its own story: a rich Saudi doctor getting his jollies by raping and murdering Syrians and Iraqi doctors being slaughtered for not being the slaves of ISIS. Page 291 of the same document tells a not dissimilar story: NHS doctor Dr Mohammad Naijar breaking up a peaceful meeting and terrorising Syrian children in the process. It should be noted that the rebels turn children as young as these into sex slaves.



The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood have produced a relatively large of medical monsters, all of whom would have been at home with the Nazis and their hideous crimes. The fact that the British NHS tolerates these ogres shows our complicity in their sordid affairs.