Rola Hallam and the Terrorist “Flags of Our Fathers”


BBC Panorama’s Orwellian named Saving Syria’s Children features Dr Rola Hallam, the daughter of a very prominent Syrian “dissident”, driving through ISIS checkpoints together with her fawning BBC camera crew. Neither the BBC nor the controversial Hand in Hand for Syria group, for whom Dr Rola Hallam was working, have so far explained why they were treated so well by ISIS who kidnap and execute other British citizens as a matter of course. Please see ppp 67 et seq of this document for further information. The incredible relevant short video clip showing the BBC crew openly fraternising with ISIS may be viewed here.


Pp 150 et seq of the same document shows Rola Hallam’s father should answer a few questions to the Medical Council and the Special Branch as well.  This colourful character, who thinks he was hard done by as Assad did not make him Vice-President, seems to find chemical weapons wherever he travels in terrorist-c0ntrolled Syria. PP 153 et seq has her father hob nobbing with the terrorist top brass in scandal riven Qatar and suggests he is on the lookout for freebies, power and influence amongst the death squads and their sponsors. Because of the very pro-active role Hallam’s father has played in the chemical gas hoax – a role even bigger than her own leading one – he is covered at length in pp 153 et seq of the same document.