Syria, Lord Haw Haws & Tokyo Roses

When Brendan Behan was asked what he thought about Joyce, Behan replied that they should not have hanged him. Though Behan, being a smart ass, was deliberately conflating notorious Nazi collaborator William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw, with James Joyce the author, he had a point, and it is a point that extends not only to Tokyo Rose but also to the Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses of our own day.


Take, for example, Mary Fitzgerald of the Irish Times. She has gone out of her way to blame Syrian terrorist acts, including the kidnapping of real journalists, on the Syrian Army. This is a woman who has promoted the Libyan terrorists and who stands over the atrocities they have committed in both Libya and Syria. She has promoted their cause in Ireland, which many of the most notorious Libyan death squad members have used as a base and R&R centre and, like Greyfriars Bob or some other faithful lapdog, has followed them back to Libya.   Though the snippets above and below come from pp 305 et seq in this piece there is much more that must be said about Fitzgerald, her time at a private Catholic Miami university with long links to the US security forces, her time “studying” in Amman which is major CIA hub and her bit of rough sabbatical with the terror gangs of Libya.





The same goes for Paul Conroy who, though being an ex-member of the British armed forces, is not only an unapologetic supporter of the Libyan and Syrian teror gangs but has actively collaborated with them on numerous occasions, even going so far as to write a book in homage to them. Though I critically reviewed Conroy’s awful book praising the Libyan and Syrian murderers here suffice to say, though Conroy admits to needing long term psychiatric help to handle his self-inflicted demons, his fragile mental state can be no defence for the crimes he has helped foist on the Libyan and Syrian people or, through his work, on the British people.

The same goes for the odious Fitzgerald who, perhaps due to her  seemingly close links with American intelligence forces and her love of a bit of rough, in the form of Libyan cut throats, seems to have a visceral hatred of anyone working for peace. De Long, on the other hand, is not to be taken seriously, even though Stop the War paid heed to him and his fellow trolls when he forced them to stop genuine Syrian peace activists addressing their rally .

Michael Weiss of the far right Henry Jackson Society is also discussed in this piece . Although I have read his stupid screed on ISIS ( his idiotic thesis is that Assad runs them to kill his own soldiers), it is that bad that I haven’t thought it worthwhile writing up a review on it. These people and their embedded minds are part of the rebel war effort, even if their traceable pay cheques come from the West.

Although Hitler’s SS and Tojo’s kamikaze pilots packed a bigger punch that their Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses, their willing mouthpieces had a case to answer too and, whether we agree with Behan on Lord Haw Haw, we must all agree that Weiss, Fitzgerald, Conroy and today’s other Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses must also pay a price. Their Syrian and Libyan victims deserve nothing less.